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Engagement Season…What Happens After “Yes”:

Another great guest post by Jessica Deltoro…check out her fine work at Daydream Events by Jess!

It’s that time of the year again! Yes, “engagement season” is a real thing. Those jewelry commercials are all you see right now. Maybe you have even been dropping some hints of your own for your partner.
I’m guilty of it… I still do it when there is a new piece of jewelry I have my eye on.

Christmas Eve and New Years Eve are without a doubt two of the most popular dates to get engaged. Whether you’re like me and you’re reading this because you have put out all the signs and hints and you KNOW there will be a special little box for you in the near future OR if you weren’t expecting it but you’re now reading this after the holidays with a shiny ring on your hand, this is a great piece to give you some insight on what comes next.

1. First things first, I know you’re excited to share your happiness with the world but WAIT! Don’t go updating your relationship status on facebook just yet. Your immediate family and closest friends will want to be the firsts to know. My husband and I waited a few weeks before changing our status because we wanted everyone together when we told them. We waited until Thanksgiving dinner. Whether you make individual phone calls, send a mass text, or a small get together, its up to you to decide what works best for your group of peeps. Just be sure to give them the heads up

With that being said, be prepared for the flood of questions. “When is the wedding date?” “Am I going to be a bridesmaid?” “Where are you having your wedding?” Taking a little time to just be excited together before the influx of questions, suggestions and facebook comments come in could be a smart choice, because thats only the beginning of other people wanting to share the amazing ideas they have for your wedding.

2. Once the fam has had their chance to celebrate with the two of you, Its finally safe to share, tweet, and post all about your big news! Here are a few ways you can make the announcement.
-Schedule an engagement session with a photographer to take some pictures of you and the fiancé and them share them with your Facebook family & friends. Wedding venues will let couples book some time to do their engagement shoot at their location, so you may want to check a few out near you.
-Some couples put an announcement in the newspaper, Personally I don’t look at the newspaper very often, so this completely slipped my mind when I got engaged, but it would be totally cute to have a newspaper clipping with a photo and announcement about you and your sweetie!
– Have an engagement party. It can be low key or you can go all out. This may also be a good time to start looking for a wedding planner. We do so much more than help with the wedding part. Many planners also help with planning the proposal, bridal showers, day after brunch parties and more!

3. After all the celebrating is done and you start to think of all the work that needs to occur to make your #dreamwedding a reality, there are a few things that should take place FIRST.
-Pick a date. Keep in mind the style wedding you are wanting when you pick your date. If you want an outside wedding it’s important to pick a date where the weather is nice. We are very fortunate in Texas where the weather can be nice for an outside wedding all year ’round! Also, keep in mind that the time of year you pick can impact how much it costs to book a venue if it is during their peak season.
-Pick a style for your wedding. This will help narrow down the type of venue you are searching for.
-If you didn’t book one for the engagement party or bridal shower….find your planner. Some couples wait until last minute, but picking your planner early can save you a lot of head ache when it comes to booking the right venue & vendors for your style, budget, and needs. Not to mention it cuts down your research time tremendously, which means more time to enjoy being engaged!
-Lastly, remember to soak it up. The engagement, how he proposed, how nervous you were, how happy you are, take it all in and make sure to take the time to love every minute of it.
This is just the beginning….enjoy your Engagement Season!

Warmest Wishes,

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