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Post Nuptials To Do List:

Another great guest post by Jessica Deltoro…check out her fine work at Daydream Events by Jess!

Your friends and family will likely be more than happy to help you with your wedding to-do list, but have you thought about what needs to be done after the big day? Make sure you don’t forget items on this post nuptials to do list:

1. Thank you Cards- Typically these are sent out within 3 months from your wedding day. You may be dreading having to write out Thank you cards to 100 plus guests. If you tackle it with your new hubby/wifey and maybe with some mimosas, it can be a fun task to complete together. If you haven’t ordered your Thank you cards yet, check out our stationary partner Basic Invite and use out promo code DaydreamEventsJess to receive a sweet discount on your order.

2. Vendor Reviews- Your vendors put lots of hard work into making your day special. Nothing makes us happier than to see that we received a review and our client was thrilled with our work! Take some time to share some love on your vendor’s social medias or website.

3.Take his last name- So the process of changing your last name may not be super invigorating, but you’ll be all smiles when you see that first official document come in the mail. You will need to change your name on your social security card, driver license, bank accounts & credit cards, insurance policies, your doctors office and HR at your place of employment. If you feel overwhelmed with the process, Miss now Mrs can help simplify this for you.

4. Wedding registry- You can handle your wedding registry one of two ways. You can close it after your wedding day, don’t worry if you didn’t get everything on your list. Lots of times you receive a completion discount so that you can purchase the remaining items, or leave it open for up to a year or longer if you wish and your friends & family can continue to use it for other special occasions that come up for the two of you. Did someone say baby nursery? Kidding! No rush kiddos.

​5. Wedding day decluttering- You might want to save every piece of your big day, or maybe just a small box of sentimental items. However, if you’re like me, you’d prefer reminiscing on your big day with photos rather than keepsakes. Either way, you can sift through your items and decide what you want to keep and what you want to donate or sell. Facebook wedding pages are full of brides looking to buy lightly used wedding decor, dresses, signage and linens.

6. Enjoy the married life- After months…maybe years of planning, you are officially a Happily Married Couple! Things are a little different now, but somethings shouldn’t change at all. Keep dating each other, keep surprising each other and keep helping each other grow!

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