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A micro-wedding is an intimate celebration of marriage, simple in format, with a handful of important guests. It’s not an elopement, which is usually planned and attended by the couple and a witness. Think of a micro-wedding as a beautiful cross between an elopement and a big, traditional wedding. It just might be the perfect way to suit your style.

Micro-weddings allow couples to focus on the more essential parts of their day with the people who are most meaningful to them. It is much easier to manage an event and budget when there are fewer guests to accommodate. There is a downside to this, of course. Couples actually have to trim down their guest list! However, doing so encourages a couple to really think about those who are significant in their lives and who they really want to spend time with.

One of the benefits to a smaller guest list is the ability to splurge on higher quality details that a couple might not have otherwise been able to afford. Having a smaller wedding means couples can be more creative, eliminating some of the traditional expectations and expenses, while focusing on the “fun stuff.”

We recommend finding a venue that’s ideal for both the ceremony and reception. River Road Chateau is our top pick! Who wouldn’t want to say “I do” in the gorgeous tree lined wedding meadow? Book a venue tour to see the meticulously manicured grounds that are always picture perfect.

Planning a small, simple wedding doesn’t need to be stressful. Do your research. Give yourself plenty of time to talk to vendors/venues, and remember to breathe. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, reach out to a local wedding planner. The added cost will more than compensate for avoiding a potential anxiety-attack.

At the end of the day, the most important part of the whole thing is to make a lasting commitment to your partner and enjoy every moment of your wedding day surrounded by all the favorite people in your life.

Guest Post By:

Johanna Gillespie, CWEP Events by Johanna

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