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Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Love is in the air. Stores will be filling up with sweetly scented roses and delectable chocolates and treats, the greeting card aisles are already lined with brightly red and pink colored cards. Some of you may already be aware but did you know that Valentine’s day is the second most popular time of the year to pop the question? It Makes sense, it doesn’t get much more romantic than Valentine’s day. Candles, music, bubbly, and something sparkly to put on your honey’s finger! Here are some great date ideas that may be a little different than your typical dinner and a movie date and are perfect even if you aren’t planning on popping the question just yet.

5. If you’re looking to enjoy delicious food and a nice atmosphere, take your date to lunch at Perry’s Steakhouse and afterwards, walk off your meal at the DMA. Fine art and fine food make for a fine date!

4. The only thing that may be better than looking at beautiful works of art, is making your own master piece together. Not a painter? No worries! Painting with a Twist has instructors who help make even the least artistic of us seem like a natural Vincent Van Gough. An added bonus, you can bring a bottle of wine and treats to share with your sweetie. They also offer private parties, which make for fun bachelorette parties… some of you may find yourselves planning one after this Valentine’s Day.

3. Now if you’re willing to throw down a little more dough, I would definitely recommend treating yourselves to a couples massage. Woodhouse Spa offers a couple’s package that includes a 50 minute Swedish massage followed by rejuvenating facials. You’ll leave feeling incredible!

2. If your date enjoys a good scare, skip the movie theater and grab your tickets to Dark Hour. This haunted house gives out scares year around. This Valentine’s Day experience the rage of a broken hearted witch who has cursed all those around her. Talk about a great excuse to hold on tight to your date. 😉 Be sure to check in throughout the year for different haunts!

1. So, maybe a trip to Paris isn’t in the budget, but the Gondolas at Las Colina might be! With multiple package options, there are plenty of choices to fit different budgets and desires. You can choose from a classic boat ride to a gourmet dinner boat ride. Just imagine it, you and your date, dinner, and the sun setting on the water… what could be sweeter?

I hope you found these date ideas helpful and if you don’t choose one of these, at the very least it got your inspiration juices flowing. However you choose to spend your day together, don’t forget the most important thing about a successful date night…. enjoying each others company. Happy Valentine’s Day love birds!

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